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Fuel and Fuel Economy Fuel types and Fuel Economy
With Today's Gas prices why not get a diesel car for a little savings, or even better some kind of electric hybrid. As the demand for affordable fuels increases the big car companies are looking for electric car alternatives, as time goes by expect to see more and more assembly line green vehicles.

Oil, Vital to your Vehicle Oil
They say half of the world's oil supply is now gone, but our engines will always need oil, how will it end? Find our which oil is best for your vehicle and some other facts pertaining to oil and do it yourself car repair.
Spark Plugs - The full Story Spark Plugs, And do I change them?
Spark plugs can be a real pain to change on newer cars and might require you to visit the mechanic instead of trying to get to them for hours with the tightly packed clutter under the hood. Old cars and trucks are usually a piece of cake. Read inside for more info on DIY spark plugs.
Tires, A DIY car repair Project Tires, All season and Snow Tires
Checked your tires lately? Are you driving around with slicks? Tires are very important and should be inspected on a regular basis. Adding tires to your rim requires specialized equipment so it's not really a DIY Car Repair project. But if you have them ready its quite easy to swap them out for new ones.