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What Are the Types of Pigeon Repellents?
In this section, we will Specs each available pigeon repellent in more detail.

Spikes are a common and inexpensive solution for physically excluding pigeons. Most often manufactured in strips, they work on the premise that pigeons cannot land on the pointed ends of the spikes. Spikes come in different shapes and materials - stainless steel or plastic, blunt or pointed, so you can choose based on your requirements.

To use the spikes effectively you must place them in strategic areas where you normally see the pigeons land and perch. With the use of almost invisible clear plastic spikes, you can secure your target areas.

The downside is that birds will relocate, instead of leaving the area. While the spike strategy can represent an effective solution, on a large campus or hotel they won’t be effective enough.

You can use the spikes to keep the birds away from narrow perching areas, however, in areas like apartment buildings, they will simply move to the next best area without spikes. If your goal is to keep them away from a single railing, spikes can be a good solution, but if you are responsible for the entire building with more than 100 railings, you might need to consider another option.

Recommended Product:
The price may vary depending on the material and length of the product, but the average price for a 10 feet spike is $20. You can check out Bird-X spikes on Amazon.

A gel is exactly what it sounds like, sticky transparent goo. It is normally applied to ledges or other areas with a caulking gun where pigeons are unwanted. Some of the gels include an active ingredient, often essential oils, which the pigeons find offensive.

Pigeons will avoid landing on treated areas since their feet get stuck in the gel and can take them hours to preen off the goo.

These products represent a short-acting solution since the gel quickly dries or gets covered with dust or debris, becomes ineffective, and requires cleanup and reapplication. Unfortunately, smaller birds can also get stuck in the gel, sometimes permanently.

Recommended Product:
3 packs of BirdX pigeon gel cost about $37, however, it is necessary to carefully consider where to apply the gel.

Optical Gel is a non-toxic, low-profile bird repellent that provides a versatile solution to problems where more traditional bird control methods may not be applicable. It is a multisensory repellent gel that comes in pre-filled dishes.

Optical Gel deters pigeons by triggering multiple sensory responses. According to the manufacturer, the material emits UV light to make it appear as a flame to approaching birds.

Effectiveness: Optical Gel contains citronella and peppermint oil, which are mild and pleasant to humans, but offensive to birds. For the most stubborn birds, Optical Gel is sticky and will make any perch unpleasant should they choose to touch or stand on the product. The gel dishes are small and are easy to install.

Recommended Product: Optical gel is offered by a California company, Bird Barrier. The price per 24(PK) is $95.

An ultrasonic device represents another harmless solution for pigeon control. Triple Scan technology claims to recognize birds at a distance and make them go away with sound waves. The device itself has a set of modes that you can configure depending on the season.

Pigeons can hear in the same audible range that people do. Therefore, if you are unable to hear the sounds from an ultrasonic device, the birds cannot hear it either.

Ultrasonic systems can be used in a wide variety of locations without causing human interference making them an ideal choice for areas where noise-related scaring is not an option. The exception to this rule may be where women and young children are concerned. With age, the human ear loses the ability to hear ultrasound but, in some women, and particularly in the young, ultrasound falls within hearing ranges and can cause considerable discomfort and headaches. This may have the effect of restricting the use of ultrasonic pigeon and bird hazers when used for pigeon and gull control in urban areas and on industrial sites.

Also, if you are not using electricity the ultrasonic device must be charged frequently.

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